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Naked Run 10: Negev Desert

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Naked Running

Incense Route
Negev Desert
October 2015

I never intended to travel to Israel, to the heart of conflict. I never expected to be adjacent to the Dead Sea, in the Negev Desert, only kilometers from the Jordan border.

Never in my wildest imagination could I have envisaged running naked in the Negev.

But I did.

Finding myself on a three day workshop near Tsofar (Zofar) I couldn’t resist the temptation to run. I had brought my shoes and shorts. Despite the mild autumn desert heat, I had hoped to – at a minimum – find a cooler morning or evening slot for a short clothed run.

Late one afternoon I set out with my GPS assistant (this was not a place to get lost!), clad only in my shoes and shorts. Given that from what I could ascertain nudity is prohibited in Israel, I had to be cautious. A clothed…

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