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natural foundation yoga: an opportunity to reconnect, give thanks and transform

I used to spend all of my time reaching outside of myself to other people or things to comfort me and solve my problems. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or how to connect to anything truthful inside of me…

…that is, until I stepped onto my mat with nothing on my body. Through my clothes free yoga practice, I found that everything that truly matters to sustain me was right there inside of me. I reconnected with my most powerful natural resource: MY BREATH. If I can breathe and move in my naked body, then I have everything I need to step forward each day in my life.

The most current breakthrough is that I am putting myself out there, taking chances, auditioning for opportunities that I used to avoid. I have connected to a true passion and calling, and I know that I WILL land exactly where I need to be. So, whether I get a “no” or a “not now” I no longer see that as defining me, as the clothing on my body or soul. I just see it was a “no” for that one instance. I know in my heart that I have nothing to lose, because everything I need I have already won just by breathing. And when I get a YES, I take the opportunity, rather than “thinking about it” or delaying. I don’t run away from it anymore; I run towards the light of my truth.

Give yourself the gift of transformation by joining us for the November edition of Natural Foundation Yoga: “Say Thank You to Your Body.” This is a clothing optional body positive yoga exploration November 1-24 where we will explore various aspects of the body through one pose each day along with reflections of gratitude.

Follow @natfoundationyoga on Instagram. Each day, one of the hosts will post the pose of the day and a reflection of gratitude regarding a part of the body via the @natfoundationyoga Instagram account (which is also linked to its Twitter account @clothesfreeyoga). You can then post your practice of the pose as well as your own reflection of gratitude for your body.

Use the hashtag #naturalfoundationyoga so that we can find you in the conversation, and invite others to join in and have a transformation for themselves.

Hosts on Instagram: @yogajag, @yogaforhealing, @hontouniheart, @clothesfreeyogi

Sponsors on Instagram: @namastewear @idyart @menaturals @13loveempress

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