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Student goes socially clothes free for two weeks  for a thesis

6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks

Instead, I had chosen to conduct my research on a non-sexual, social nudist community in order to fill the gaping holes in academia where nudism is concerned. After months of careful research and maneuvering away from the less tasteful nudist communities around the United States, I found a perfect place to conduct my research.

Toadally Natural Garden is a long way away from my home in California. This organic, 32 acre farm outside of Hartford, Wisconsin, is owned by Paul and Jane, a lovely couple and long time members of True Nudists (link NSFW) and The Naturist Society. They opened their farm to the public four years ago with the wish to share their beliefs on love, acceptance and natural living with other like-minded people.

For some of my more skeptical readers, I feel it is necessary here to say that places like Toadally Natural Garden have a zero tolerance policy for sexual behavior or contact. This is a place for living and experiencing, not for erotic pleasures. Pictures are strictly forbidden. I even witnessed Paul removing someone from the property for having their phone out.

Nudism is not always and exclusively synonymous with sex.

Curators Note: this is a well written piece that communicates a lot of lesson all of us can learn about the process someone in particalr women engaging in clothes free living. Just saying stay calm its just a penis does not express the kind of respect the writer experienced that made being clothes free a joy. Finally,I recently met someone who also had glowing things to say about Toadally Natural Gardens and its owners a place worth checking out. 

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