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clothes free vacation, pt. 1: landing home

It’s early Monday morning, and I’m having my usual cup of tea. I had originally scheduled to have today off as a day of transition after my first clothes free vacation. I knew I’d need time to step out of the woods and sand back into the noise and density of the city. I didn’t know it would be this hard, though. This morning, my tea is accompanied with tears. 

From July 28 through August 2, I was away, closing out my first year of clothes free life with an amazing experience. You know how at fireworks displays, at first it goes along steadily until the end where there is this burst of excitement as fireworks go off at the same time and in rapid succession for the finale? That was the nature of my clothes free vacation. There were so many firsts involved: first long drive / road trip, first clothes free vacation, first clothes free event, first clothes free club / resort place, first clothes free camping, first clothing optional beach… And all of that was wrapped in something special.

Of course, with all those firsts, it would be impossible for me to cover everything in one post. Each experience was so full, each moment had amazing depth, and these things have to be honored in their own space. So, there will be a lot of upcoming posts as I digest the enormity of beauty that happened. I used to wonder why people stopped and stared at pieces of art at a museum for so long. Now I get it. I will have to spend considerable time in the museum of my experience, in this particular exhibit, just being with the pieces of work that occurred, the pieces that are still settling into my bones.

It is difficult being back home, in walls, surrounded by mail I never open. Even this morning someone texted me at an unusual hour asking for immediate help on something. The world is spinning rapidly again, and all I want to do is push “pause” and let everything land. I suppose the drive home was a way of transitioning back, moving through winding roads of smaller towns, over water, and into the night. I remember riding through the darkness, no moon in sight, cars racing each other, and the trees fading into the background of city roads and stop lights.

At least I get to have this cup of tea clothes free, even as dew from my eyes drop into the mug and mixes with the honey therein. This vacation was one for the books, and over the course of a few posts I shall unpack and share all that blossomed. It was beautiful… more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. And it was most certainly worth every cent, every mile, every dollar of fuel, every mosquito bite, every smile. It was, indeed, very, very special.


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