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YNA reviews Coventry Club in Vermont

The resort is in the countryside, surrounded by farm land and built right on an 88 acre lake called Long Pond. It’s the oldest nudist club in Vermont and was established in 1956 by a French Canadian named George Fletcher (who passed away in 2010). He called it Forest City Lodge.

The current resort owners, Bill and Susan, bought it from the Fletcher family in the year 2000 and renamed it Coventry Club & Resort. We met the two of them upon arrival Friday evening. Susan is an affable woman with an expressive face and a boisterous laugh. Her husband Bill is more reserved and has a strong New England accent. They were both very nice and welcoming.

You can camp for $12.50 / night but this time we rented a cabin. We got the key and followed Bill on his golf cart through the gate and down to our cabin where we parked. Then we hopped on his golf cart for a short tour of the grounds.

He showed us their clubhouse which could be mistaken for someone’s home until you see the community chalkboard out front. Inside are tables and chairs on a wood floor, DJ stand and karaoke machine, fully equipped communal kitchen and big screen TV. One wall is lined with shelves filled with books, movies (on VHS!) and board games.

Read the ful review here

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