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Barely Seen

I saw her before, or so I thought. But this past Saturday, in the silence of a sunlit moment, was the first time I really SAW her.

Some time ago, I opened up to her about my trek into clothes free life. When I told her, she beamed and talked freely with me about it, including how much I love practicing clothes free yoga on my own. At some point I mentioned wanting to attend a social event. Not terribly far away is a group that meets now and then to do clothes free yoga. I hadn’t yet mustered up the guts to go; I still haven’t, but at least she knew about my desire to connect with others.

Recently she messaged me, “Hey can we hang out?” YES. It was definitely time for a full day of fun and chat. We were tossing thoughts around about what to do during hangout time, and finally one popped in my mind that I was eager to share. “How about naked yoga in the morning?” She was totally in.

 A dear friend of mine had gifted me the beautiful and empowering Yoga Undressed bundle. I have done the practices on my own numerous times and love all of them. So, I proposed she and I use that for our first clothes free yoga session.

Saturday arrived, and I found myself both nervous and excited. Sometimes I hear the line, “Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it.” YEP! The day had come. “OMG is it real?” I wondered how I would feel being clothes free before her, with her. Would it be awkward? How would yoga go? Will she think I’m weird? Why would she? She has seen me in all my craziness and still loves me.

I soaked in the moments as we moved furniture around and placed our mats for practice. I took my time trying to figure out the technology to get everything set up.

Finally, it was time to lose the stretchy pants. Off and to the side they went. Big lights down, soft lights up. Naked yoga: ON.

It was amazing to practice clothes free yoga together. Initially, my mat was not facing hers; it was a kind of L shape setup. But a few minutes into the video, I adjusted my mat to face hers, and that’s how we practiced: face to face. We did the Yoga Undressed – Advanced practice smiling at each other in up dog and giggling every time “Awkward Chair” was called. Two clothes free bodies flowing in the soft stillness of a sunny morning. It was absolutely amazing. It felt great to finally share this side of myself with someone here, to let the cat out of the bag and connect over it. When the practice finished, we thanked each other with giant smiles and a great big hug.

Then, she asked me to take a picture of her. She gave me her phone and took Child’s Pose. I stood there for a second watching the sun dust down her back as her head rested peacefully on the floor. In that moment, something clicked. All that I have experienced her to be: generous, loving, caring, kind, excited, playful, funny, deep, happy, creative, human… everything came together as I witnessed her breathe clothes free in Child’s Pose. It’s the same thing I feel when I catch hang time in handstand: aligned and at peace. I saw her in her radiance which truly came from within and exploded out unencumbered by clothes. It was amazing.

After snapping a few shots, I gave her the phone for photo review. She was in complete awe of what she saw, wowing over and over again. “That’s you,” I said. “That’s YOU.”

The big lights came back on, and straight away we dove barely into the kitchen. We snatched up strawberries and chips. We gabbed about this and that over delicious vegan chili she had made. The best part was that none of it felt foreign. It felt so normal that I couldn’t stop smiling inside. There we were, simply being with each other openly. Just us.


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  2. Some of the best things in life requiere us to summon up the courage to do what we thought we were unable. But when the result is a feeling as intense as you describe, the effort is worth it. So nice that you have created that great connection with yourselves.

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  3. sassycoupleok says

    That’s a beautiful and inspirational story !! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to both of you for experiencing something so wonderful.

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