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The ironic absurdity of the fashion industry

Our society tends to think of clothes free folks as pervs and sex fiends. To protect “normal” people we are meant to be kept hidden away from view with our abnormal behavior.

The perception of the body as purely sexual has been perpetuated to some degree by the fashion industry. Designers often use sex and the sexualization of the body to sell clothing. Case in point menswear designer Rick Owens showing at the recent Paris Fashion Week. For years the clothes free community has been trying to reduce the stigma male genitalia in full view when a man is clothes free. Now the designer has created a reinforcement of the sexualization make full frontal with his designs. See example below.


By completely covering the model’s body except the genital area with clothes he bring the focus to the sexual organs. Furthermore they are presented in a peephole kind of way. It is ironic that it clothes are sexualizing the body not being clothes free.

I am no prude but believe wholehearted that non sexual nudity is possible and actually our natural/normal state of being. Much of the clothes we don in society is much less utilitarian and more sexual. What do you think?


  1. This has revealed multiple levels of hypocrisy. One, as you have noted, is the idea that being completely nude is somehow more “pervy” than wearing clothes that are clearly designed to focus the attention between the legs. (Owens is only one of countless designers to do so) The other hypocrisy here is the outcry over this particular line for men. There are endless examples of designers who parade women in outfits that are sheer, or cut or draped in such a way that the model may as well be naked. And it is all taken in stride as “fashion.” A similar standard applied to men, however, is apparently a sign of the apocalypse.


  2. aguywithoutboxers says

    So true! I thought the same when I saw a similar photo earlier this week. A case in favor of nudity! 🙂


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