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Photo for Saturday, 6th December



      • sassycoupleok says

        Seems like your raising an issue of race when that’s not an issue with nudist.


      • sassycoupleok says

        And the statement on his body isn’t a blanket generalization ??


      • No it is not. I do hope you are aware that there are some powerful and painful issues being experienced in the African American community right now and this image is referring to that kind of issue. And the model and photographer are using the clothes free body to speak to those issues just as groups like FEMEN use toplessness to protest the threats that women face.


      • sassycoupleok says

        What I’m aware of is nothing positive is going to come from this conversation. I also think it’s inappropriate subject matter for what I called a nudist support community. I’ll not comment any more !!


      • I am sorry you don’t think anything positive can come showing solidarity with yo cultural community. I don’t lose my skin color or cultural heritage as a person who is living clothes free. Not in this society anyway. It is an even bigger issue. The clothes free community has people who hate and discrimination just like the rest of society. I have experienced it so it is disingenuous for me to pretend it doesn’t exist.

        This is on of the few clothes free presences on the web that is has any significant diversity perspective to it. As owner, editor of the site I want to see more people of color in clothes free life and they should know their reality is represented. There are things happening in society that are important to me to address as a person of color who is living clothes free because they bleed into the clothes free community. Clothes free people of color all to often face a double dose of discrimination.

        This particular image speaks to the issue in a poignant way. That is a part of the global, diverse nature of this effort. As I said I hope if this image not to your liking then enjoy all the other content that gets your fancy.


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