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American. Nudist Culture -Review

This title is must have, must read, volume for anyone interested in the clothes free culture and community in America. Author Larry Dalter has created a genuine nudist primer for the curious, newbie or veteran clothes free practitioner. The reader is treated to a brief history of the clothes free movement, all written in a very easy to read style that makes this an essential volume to own.

The book covers everything you want and need to know about clothes free culture. From frequently asked questions like the difference between nudist and naturist and how to plan a first visit to a clothes free resort. Also addressed is the social taboo around social nudity and ways to get comfortable with being clothes free. Not aure how or why to joon a clothes free organization, well Dalter gives information on how to join organizations such as The American Association for Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society.

Throughout the book, Dalter makes very clear case for the clothes free lifestyle while not coming off as obssessive or overly agressive towards the curious, newbies or those not inclined. He points out the many benefits to being clothes free and legal issues associated with public nudity. There is an examination of the availability of clothes free public beaches and clothes free etiquette. All this gives the reader a comprehensive view of clothes free culture.

If there is anything I would quibble with it is the brevity. I had the impression I was accessing just a small portion of a large repository of clothes free information which Dalter posseses. It left me wanting more. I hope the author will consider expanding the content in a future revision. This one is highly recommneded for your clothes free library.

Read more from Larry Dalter Dallas Nudist Examiner and find him on twitter @nudistcultureEx


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  2. Like the book, though I wonder how many will buy a book that risks changing their mind. Must people won’t pay to have what they “know”challenged.

    I suspect the author will, for the most part, be preaching to the converted.


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