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clothes free dragnet on social media catches another bona fide naturist

This morning the following messages were posted by naturist artist, musician, composer and promoter of clothes free living Ton Dou, through his reverberation nation and twitter accounts.

I’m an artist!

Google+ and YouTube categorize my work as pornography and sexually explicit, and it’s not!

Google+ and YouTube have suspended my accounts and taken my content off-line indefinitely.

Keep up with my work by registering and following

@MusicAuNaturel: Posted a new blog entry “Google+ and YouTube categorize my work as pornography and sexually explicit”

For those readers who are familiar Ton Dou is a long time naturist and musician who has released several songs about clothes free living like Nature Zones, Fire Fly and Whole Day Nude.

It seems that Ton Dou has become the latest high profile victim of a clothes free dragnet among social media site like FB and Google. Allegedly Google has joined FB in purging non sexual and even artistic material from its social media sites. Ton Dou reports Google has deemed his clothes free artistic efforts to be inappropriate and has suspended his Google+ and YouTube accounts indefinitely and removed all his videos.

Who knows where this will end. In the mean time to listen to Ton Dou’s music visit his website download his app and follow his channels Naturist Activities Network and Bare Body Freedom Reality TV on Vimeo.



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  1. Update from Ton Dou via BBFRTV – Facebook has now blocked me from posting for two weeks, I asked them if this was an April Fools joke, and they said no.


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