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Naked Yoga School -Review

Though there are several cities across the country where a person can find a group clothes free yoga class most locations don’t have that option. So if you want to practice clothes free yoga and get instruction at it your other option is to buy or download a DVD like Yoga Undressed or perhaps try the instructional clothes free videos from Naked Yoga School

Over a year ago I tried to do just that but found the video delivery system interface then to be awkward sluggish and incompatible with my tablet and I gave up. So I was excited when I recently came across the Naked. Yoga School channel on Vimeo’s new on demand system and found that the classes were available to rent or purchase there. There are over 200 videos for use covering several popular styles of yoga (hatha, prenatal, yin, chair, Taoist, partner, office) as well as some dance instruction. Additionally the yoga classes have a variety of focus like core, shoulder opening, weigh loss, flexibility, balance, inversions, backbends, and chakras. The videos range in length from ten to forty minutes and average cost is just over a dollar a minute to buy or just less than a dollar a minute to rent.

I decided to try two videos one intermediate and one all levels to get a sense of the quality of instruction. First let me say the purchase and video delivery was smooth and seamless. Once I made the purchase, (Visa MasterCard or American Express accepted) the clip was immediately available to watch or download. Videos clips can be viewed in a Vimeo app on table or smart phone and on the web at the Vimeo site.Purchased video clips are placed in the Vimeo watch list as well.

Now on to the yoga. Both of the videos I viewed started with the instructor clothed giving an introduction to the class. In the intermediate class which was about ten minutes it most of the warm up breathing and one posture was done clothed or partially clothed. In the all levels class the instruction undressed right after the introduction. My guess is that this varies from class to class but there is an effort to make the act more than just taking off clothes. The act itself is connected to the practice in a ritual kind of way. Both of the instructors were clear and engaging and the yoga guidance was good. I felt just what I was meant to feel based on the focus of the class. Though the poses and flow in the intermediate class were routine they were sequenced just right and really gave a good practice. The all levels class was equally satisfying and instructed however I think there could have been a few more modifications and directions given for out right beginners since it was an all levels class. That being said I think all levels classes are the hardest to instruct.

All and all the a href=””>Naked Yoga School videos give an excellent yoga practice and experience for anyone wanting to do clothes free yoga instruction but is unready for a group class or unable to find group class. I highly recommend. So head over to Naked Yoga School channel on Vimeo find a video class that meets your needs get clothes free and do some yoga.

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  1. Thanks for this! Naked is really a fine way to experience the benefits of yoga, Even better if you are in the company of others and you have a teacher that encourages naked yoga. However, the truth of the matter is that you don’t really need to buy naked yoga videos. If you don’t have access to an instructor you can learn from any video that teaches yoga. To do naked yoga, you just have to remove your clothing. It’s a simple as that.


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