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N is for… Naturists

Nicely done report on BN Alton Tower event by newbie nudies

Alphabet Britain

“Clothing is optional from 6pm”, the receptionist announced uncomfortably as my amazing friend Tori and I checked in for our first ever Naturist weekend. We were staying in a ‘themed waterpark’ near Stoke-on-Trent and were both crippled with nerves.

It took us an entire bottle of wine before we had the courage to de-robe in front of each other for the first time; an awkward platonic strip tease against the backdrop of our nautical themed hotel room, complete with bunk beds and Spongebob Squarepants welcome packs.

After scouting the corridor for willies through the peephole to ensure we weren’t the only naked ones, we hit jackpot and mustered up the courage to venture out at precisely 6:03pm. We headed straight down to the waterpark in the basement of the hotel, sharing the lift with an older naked couple who were completely at ease. Wearing only a smile and carrying our…

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