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Maslin Beach – The Movie Review

T20131122-104332.jpghis movie set on the famous Australian Beach is a quirky film. It could be described as a romantic comedy of sorts. Consisting mainly of several vignettes centered around couples, groups, and individuals spending the day at the clothing optional beach. There are several couples looking for love with each other with others and some not looking for love at all. There is one central character who moves in and out of the center of attention in the movie in between which the other relationships unfold.

There are quite a few unusual relationships depicted. An estranged couple who find themselves matched by a dating service, a couple with a workaholic female executive who escape to the beach to “relax”. There is also some sexually oriented couplings,though no actual sex on screen; including a wife who can’t stop having sex, pretty much with anyone who comes along; a creepy older guy trying to pick up the younger female romantic interest for a paid sexual tryst and woman recounting to a friend how her husband tried to prevent them from separating. Let,s just say super glue and some bits were involved.

Add to the list a couple of unromantic women and their die hard romantic friend, a young trying to find the meaning of life, an ice cream seller who is constantly passing gas, inexplicable scenes involving a woman standing nude on a cliff singing an aria, some pubic grooming and you can see what I mean by quirky.

There are few endearing moments to the film but they can’t overcome some choppy editing and a very uneven plot. If you are looking for a cheap veg out movie that depicts the clothing optional beach experience in a mostly positive way then this may be worth a look. But don’t expect too much just enjoy the beach scenery and let the lack of a consistent story line slide.


  1. Ivan Akirov says

    I’ve seen it, not bad at all, obviously not a super-entertaining, mega-fx-filled present-day-Hollywood movie, but nice to watch. If you know how to look for it you’ll be able to find it on the net to download it…


  2. Great review! Haven’t seen the movie but the trailer was educational. For instance, I never realized that Maslin was populated solely by beautiful young women, or that there was an endless orgy going on! No WONDER our Aussie friends enjoy it so much!

    It being a 1978 film probably explains all the furry folks, and why they all look so much older now! 😉

    Fun flick, might just have to look it up!


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