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Yoga Undressed – review

There have been many articles on the web recently about the practice of nude yoga. However, much of the clothes free yoga links to be found on the Internet are either not really about yoga (you know what I mean) or is yoga presented by models rather than genuine yoga teachers or practicitioners. Into that void comes the Yoga undressed Series of videos. Presented by a bone fide yoga teacher Jennifer Kries the Yoga Undressed series provides three levels of of clothes free yoga instruction and practice; a beginner level, intermediate, advanced and a partner practice.

The yoga is a a mix of kundalini and hatha vinyasa styles of yoga. For the uninitiated hatha is the umbrella name for all styles of yoga. Vinyasa is the name given to a flowing style of yoga where participants move fluidly from one posture to the next. The Kundalini style of yoga is a style designed to “awaken and release” an inner energy that practitioners of this style believe is located at the base of the spine.

All three practices are presented in a manner appropriate the the level professionally and with quality voice over instruction. The beginner practice shows the gentler versions of postures for those who may just be getting started. The intermediate practices has two yoginis showing the postures with Kries demonstrating modifications of the more challenging postures. The advanced practice is just that and should not be done by beginner as there are many deep backbends and longer flowing sequence that require previous yoga experience to be beneficial. Finally the partner yoga practice beautifully named “Duet” takes the viewer through a moderately challenging partner practice that can build trust and connection between the partners while still providing a strengthening and flexibility building practice. The quality of the video is the highest and the practice is filmed discreetly though the participants are undressed. As with other nude recreation or practice Kries says nude yoga is not about  sex but rather liberating the body from the restrictions of  clothes and getting in touch with the body.  The women in the video are differently shaped but toned as would be expected of long time yoga practitioners. Though the series is targeted towards women, this is not presented in a way that inhibits its use by men.  There are a few instances when the narrator referred to the goddess within but they are passing phrases that would not really interfere with a man using the DVDs. There was a hint of a male version being produced with a link on the Yoga Undressed web site. However that link is now broken so it remains to be seen if that will become reality.

In addition to being available on DVD the series is also available as digital downloads from the Yoga Undressed site.