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My Nudist Massage


Massage (Photo credit: o5com)

As a part of a day at nudist resort recently I decided to get a massage. I have had massages before but not as a nudist. I was very stressed and was looking forward to it, but I wondered how different it might be. Once I got to the resort I made the call to setup the appointment I decided on a hour long massage as the price was quite reasonable less than I have paid elsewhere.

After the call I had some time to kill so I decided to sit in the hot tub to loosen up my muscles a bit. After sitting in the hot tub an swimming some laps in the heated pool I was ready for my massage. The masseuse S. who is a nudist and resident at the resort, was waiting for me when I arrived at the massage room. She was dressed in a loose fitting t-short and pants. That was the first answer to my question.

Recently a masseuse @MassageBucks who is also a naturist – @NatFreeUK wrote up a post on her response to people asking her if she did “naturist” massage. By that they meant did she do her work while nude. Her response appropriately, was it would not be professional. While I agreed with the thought I had forgotten to ask about it when scheduling the appointment. So the answer to my question was, this massage would be no less professional than a non nudist massage.

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After filling out some paper work S. was ready to begin. Then she asked if I wanted to be draped the a cloth or not, to which I replied whatever is appropriate. S. said most nudist don’t use it but she always asks since her non nudist clients .textiles” in her own words and some newbie nudist prefer it , I decided against. This was the only significant difference between my nudist massage and massages I had previously. The rest of the massage was relaxing with some calming music playing in the background casual conversation and checking in on how I was feeling.

For my part not being covered, allowed my skin could breathe as the muscles were being massaged and kneaded. The room temperature was just right, and aided in the loosening up my tight muscles. The Jojoba oil used had a pleasant fragrance. S. did a wonderful job always checking to se if there was too much or too little pressure. Truth be told I did not want the massage to end, but as the saying goes “all good things must come to an end.”

When the massage end S. encouraged me to drink lots of water and gave me a sample of the Jojoba oil, and sent me happily on my way. It was one of the best massages I have ever had and hope to go back to her again. All in all my nudist massage was professional and well done, something I do again whenever I am at the resort more regularly.

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