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This is another one of those choice things we cannot know each person’s circumstance and how protecting their anonymity could be protecting their livelihood. To give anonymity for the cause and lose ones livelihood that allows being a nudist does seem realistic. So each one to his own I say.

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There was a recent debate on NudistNaturistAmerica by Felicity Jones, one of the nudists blogging on that website. The debate was about anonymity among nudists on the net. I’ll have to agree, using pseudonyms as nudists could hurt our cause in the long run. If you have been paying attention to my posts, you will notice that the author’s name is a real name – my real name. I believe in not hiding my identity as a good move.

There are plenty of other nudists who use their real names on the web, Tom Mulhall and Mary Clare of The Terra Cotta Inn for instance, which are doing really well as open nudists. Melissa DejaNude (DejaNude on YouTube; not her real last name) vlogs on YouTube completely nude (unless her parents are staying for a while), but just doesn’t expose herself at all on camera. Moira Johnston isn’t a nudist…

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